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Your Energy, Your Sustainability

Wind energy is one of the most cost-effective and technologically advanced forms of renewable energy available in the UK.  Around the world over 68,000 wind turbines have been installed. Wind turbines are straightforward to construct and decommission (returning the landscape back to what it was before).

If sited correctly they have limited environmental impacts, being easily offset by the environmental benefits.

Wind is a free and flexible resource, and can be generated on land and at sea. As the number of wind farms increase so does their cost-effectiveness, and modern wind turbines produce power more cheaply than the newest nuclear power station. Typically one modern turbine in a year produces electricity equivalent to the needs of over 1,000 households.

Wind is abundant and reliable,  the UK is the windiest country in Europe containing 40% of the entire resource. Wind turbines generate electricity for over 75% of the year but operate nearer full capacity during the winter, when energy demand is at its highest.

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